Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
Standing Order Instructions
This form can be used to make a regular donation from your bank account to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
Please print the form from your browser and complete it using BLOCK CAPITALS then post it to the Sanctuary (address below)
To__________________________Bank or BS       Sort Code: ___________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

________________________________________Post Code:____________________

Your Details:
Account Name(s): _____________________________________________________

Account Number: ______________________________________________________

Your telephone number (in case of query)


Please set up the following standing order and debit my/our account according.
Payment is to credit the account of:

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
Account Number: 58622475
Abbey National Business Banking Operations
Sort Code: 09-01-26

Amount of monthly payment in figures: _____________________
Amount of monthly payment in words: _____________________
Starting from ("date" or or put "NOW") _____________________

Quoting reference: (suggest your name & initials): _____________________

Confirmation: I/we acknowledge the Bank will not undertake to:
(i) make any reference to value added tax or other indeterminate element
(ii) advise payers address to beneficiary
(iii) advise beneficiary of inability to pay
(iv) accept instructions to pay as soon after the specified date as there are funds to meet the payment, if funds ar not available on the specified date

Signature(s)______________________________    Today's date_____________
Please now post this form to: Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ
Thank you for caring enough to help the rescued animals at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary