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Fiona Oakes for the Animals

Promo for the short film about Fiona and her work - stay tuned to find out when you can see the whole piece :)

Posted by Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary on Sunday, December 13, 2015
  • Unwanted Staffies and similar
  • Horses past their prime
  • Pigs, Sheep, Cows: Low ranking animals mostly regarded as Agricultural products

When the animals that fall into the above categories hit trouble, their future is bleak and very few survive, which is very upsetting for those of us who truly care about all creatures. For such people, it is very distressing to know that some animals are very unpopular, and others are our victims from birth to slaughter, sad facts that some of us find very hard to live with, yet find ourselves helpless to change the ways of this world.

Writing to M.P's does not work, pleading with religious groups often proves fruitless. Attending demonstrations may get momentary recognition but a week later all is forgotten. So into this depressing scene, let this writer introduce a ray of hope. For there truly is a Sanctuary called Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary founded by Fiona Oakes, and now run by her with the help of her partner Martin and her very charismatic mother Meg.

Three people who have achieved so much and with your help they hope to achieve much more. It is their wish to always help the least fortunate animals and the Sanctuary currently houses just over 400 creatures, all of whom are happy, contented, warm, well fed and much loved. In fact they all look like animals in their prime and most of them have managed to forget about their past troubles, suffering, dejection and rejection. Click to read more about Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.

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Animal Adoption Focus

We are pleased to announce that seven of our wonderful animals are now available for adoption. Please take time to read about each of these animals. Our adoption list includes horses, sheep, dogs, pigs and a pony.

Chloe was once a much loved and cherished pet. Then her owner died and she was unwanted by theremaining family and friends, confined to a shed and then sent to a dog compound. Chloe was too sad to attract people to adopt her. Adopt Me!
Winston's story began, when he was purchased as a micro piglet (as a house pet) following a media promotion. Winston's then owners became disenchanted with him and resented the �400 they had paid for him. There was only one answer: Winston had to go. Adopt Me!
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Kindly donated by the author: we have two must-have animal-related books available to order online.

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